Vida’s Adventures in Southern France day 6

The quant village of Sarlat is beautifully preserved with medieval buildings that have served as the backdrop for many period films. Sarlat has narrow winding alleyways to explore, never knowing where we would end up, but never really getting lost.

Today we stayed close to our Airbnb in Sarlat and took a tour of the village with food tastings.  We lucked out because it was market day. The vendors lined the streets with local produce, flowers, cheeses, charcuterie, wine, and fois gras. Of course, we had to taste the fois gras and it was delicious!  The countryside around Sarlat has been known for centuries as a main producer of fois gras from both geese and duck.  They used to hold a goose market in a town square every month called Place du Marche aux Oies.


Fall is also cepes season. Cepes is a mushroom like a porcini mushroom and it was everywhere. Cepes was on every menu along with duck prepared many ways.

We took a trip up to the top of the bell town to see the town from above, it is a beautiful village not to be missed if your are ever in the Southwest area of France.


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