Tips for Traveling While at Home – Tip 4

Normally, you might find it challenging to fit “studying’’ into your schedule. But you might consider it a useful way to spend an hour each day since we have so much time at home. So, think about making learning a new language a daily priority.

When you travel to a foreign county, it is a good idea to learn a few basic words such as greetings, please and thank you or how to ask for directions and order from a menu.  People will be more willing to help you if you take time to try.  You will most likely be met with a helpful smile and an answer in English.  

Another great reason to learn another language is because it’s fun.  Turn learning into a game with other members of your family by using flash cards.  Learning together helps you retain information.

Studying a new language exercises your brain and will keep you from becoming bored. It also often leads to exploring another culture. It’s fun to learn about new foods, customs and ways of life different from your own.

There are many online sites for learning new languages. Some are free and there are many paid options. Now is the time to start, get learning and be better prepared for your next adventure.

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